Write Gold Mining’s Next Chapter by Supporting the Gold Method

Stretching back to the earliest days of ancient Egypt, to the 49ers in the wild west, to gold rush popularity today, our world’s history is full of gold mining. However, this industry doesn’t always receive the recognition it deserves. That is what Audie Norr, inventor of the Gold Method process, hopes to change with his Kickstarter campaign.

The Gold Method Documentary will be a combination of popular Discovery Channel shows “Gold Rush” and “How It’s Made,” with an extra twist of a new and innovative gold mining process created by Norr himself. The documentary will feature a variety of topics that will appeal to anyone and everyone who is interested in gold mining. Viewers will be taken on a gold mining adventure as Norr depicts the rich history of gold mining and the industry’s impact it has on our world today. Starting the journey in ancient Egypt, traveling to California with the 49ers, and fast forwarding to see the new mining technological advancements of today, viewers can watch the development of gold mining through the ages.

Once viewers get the sense of gold mining’s history, they will see the next phase of the industry, taking gold to a refinery. Viewers will learn about gold bars, coins, jewelry, and other industrial uses of gold. On top of this, the documentary offers professional advice on how to invest in gold, and why it is so important for financial security and your future well-being.

The final feature of the documentary will be offering viewers an exclusive look at Norr’s brand new Gold Method methodology. Viewers will see behind-the-scenes secret details about Norr’s innovative technologies and ideas, and be part of the groundbreaking process that the Gold Method will offer to the gold mining world.

In order to produce the documentary, Norr needs your help in supporting his Kickstarter campaign. Pledges will go towards completing the main principal photography stages, editing the film, and post-production work. With rewards ranging from $5 to $10,000, people can get their own digital copy of the documentary, a Gold-Method poster and t-shirt, a private Skype conversation with inventor Audie Norr, a “lucky charm” souvenir, Executive Producer credit, and more.

Both the Gold Method Documentary and Norr’s Gold Method process have potential to make a major impact on today’s gold mining industry. Don’t wait to be part of the next chapter in our world’s of gold mining history.”

More info: The Gold Method Documentary

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