US Mint Sells Most Coins Ever In First 4 Months

The buying frenzy in the physical market continues. One of the leading indicators, at least for retail and part of wholesale investors, is the US Mint. We have been reporting updates on a regular basis: Q1 2013 US Silver Eagle Sales Beats All Records , US Mint Sold Exceptionally High In January & February and in other articles.

Time for another update. While April has not been completed, with a bit more than a week to go, the sales reports again beat all previous years. We have created the following overview which shows the sales of the US Mint gold and silver coins year-to-date (except for 2013 which is not complete).


The figures do not need any additional explanation. Physical gold and silver demand is on fire and has been accelerated this week with the gold and silver price drop. US Eagles are not the only coins in high demand. Similar figures have been announced by many other mints across the globe, including:

  • Krugerrands in South-Africa (as reported by Mineweb)
  • Perth Mint in Australia (source)
  • Asian markets lead by China and India (source)

Meantime, the buzz word of the day is “global shortage” which was even confirmed in an official press release by the World Gold Council on Friday.

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