The US Is Committed To Redistribute Income

Bill O’Reilly discusses President Obama’s true agenda on Fox News. Apart from confirming that the President has succeeded in making it harder to file taxes, raising rates on every working American, what is of more interest to us, is the presentator’s view on the unintended consequences on the economy.

Unintended consequences on the economy of the recent “fiscal deal” :

  • If the higher tax rates slow business in the US, then President Obama’s second term will be a disaster.
  • It is now clear that the president does not much care about federal spending.
  • You do not run up deficits of more than $1 trillion a year if you are concernced about fiscal responsibility.
  • The president has not offered any meaningful spending cuts or entitlement reform. After four years the president has not offered any solution(s) to the crushing $16 trillion debt.

In the past, that would have sunk an incumbent president, but not today. President Obama is going to take as much money as he can from successful people and continue to dole that cash out. He is not going to make any meaningful cuts in government spending and might even expand the entitlement culture.

The presentator closes by saying: “I believe this will lead to economic disaster for the country.”

The video on Fox News is short but powerful.

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