The Safest Country To Hold Physical Gold

One of the most crucial questions, after the decision to own gold, is where to store it. Assuming that a safe at home is not the type of thing that people with some significant holdings would consider, the selection of bullion service and country of storage should be well thought about.

One thing is for sure. With increasing government regulation, the US is not the place where people should store their holdings.  As a general rule of thumb in the gold market storage should not happen in countries that confiscated gold in the past.

Julian Phillips, editor at Gold Forecaster, is writing about the precious metals for many, many years. His writings are very profound. Today he published a piece in which he warns for “gold safe-havens other than Switzerland.”  He writes the following:

Many feel that if they secretly hold gold, they will be out of reach of the authorities. The author’s experience is different. Experience shows that ownership visibility is not a danger if your gold is held properly and legally. As the experience of C.V. Myers in Canada shows it is possible that all safe-havens will release the names of their people who hold gold outside the country if they deem it fit. Allies of your country may cooperate with them as was the case here of Canada working with the U.S. to penalize gold owners.

Where gold is held on behalf of the investor and its ownership is not transferable, then the safe-haven of Switzerland remains the only place that will ensure gold remains inside its borders and in your beneficial ownership. Be clear of one historic fact: Exchange and Capital Controls cannot be enforced on other Jurisdictions. So we strongly suggest that readers take this subject very seriously and act prudently to guard your wealth ahead of the problem.

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