Silver Is The Element Of Change – New Educational Video

| February 5, 2013 | Articles: General


The Silver Institute published today the following short but highly educational video about silver. They explain why it is the element of change.

Silver is one of the most widely used and indispensable precious metals in modern society. Throughout history silver has played a key role in many of civilizations’ greatest advancements. It is the element of change. Since it was first extracted from the earth in ancient Turkey some five thousand years ago, silver has helped society. Silver changed the course of countless lives in the time of the Greek and Roman empires when it was first used to prevent infection. In the middle ages silver was first used to disinfect water and food during storage.

Today no metal loses indispensable to modern life as is silver. Silver is much more useful than most people think. Silver provides safety, strength and quality unrivaled by any other material.

  • Silver is the best conductor of electricity of all metals. It withstands extreme temperatures and a reflector of light and conductor of heat.
  • The anti-bacterial properties have been evident for centuries, but recently people discovered silver’s germ fighting properties. It effectively kills microorganisms but does not harm humans or animals. Look just about anywhere in hospital and you will find silver in bandages, instruments, even in furniture, helping to prevent infection and promote healing. Silver based drinking water purifiers are popular.
  • Silver helps make today’s mobile interconnected lifestyles possible. Nearly every computer, cell phone, automobile and appliance contains silver.
  • It reduces the world’s reliance on fossil fuels.
  • It is used in the manufacturer of solar cells including in electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • It can dramatically reduce energy usage for heating and cooling.

Silver has been a popular store of that for centuries. Today large and small investors alike recognize silvers intrinsic worth and are including silver their investment portfolio’s. Without question, few other substances are as versatile, as beneficial, as beautiful as silver. It has been instrumental in changing the course of history and no doubt the future possibilities are limitless for silver, the element of change.

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