Precious Metals – Astrology Prediction Confirmed by Jim Sinclair

Our friends from Astrology Traders who are writing for Zentrader made the following prediction over the weekend.

Gold and silver have made modest gains since the pullback that began near February 11th. I have not changed my view regarding more weakness in March, particularly near March 20th.  Gold guru Jim Sinclair is also posting similar dates as mine so the word is everywhere to expect more correction.  I have been advising to watch for a bullish move the first week of April and Jim is publishing the same.  It seems the rhetoric is to either psych up or freak out everyone.  This is becoming like a stand-off between the Hatfields and the McCoys (Bulls vs Bears) so I will advise caution in this sector!

Although we are aware that “astrology” is not taken very seriously in general, we must say that we have been following the work of the Astrology Traders since almost a year. It is astonishing how accurate they have been. One of their predictions was the weakness of the metals going into January 3d. While the internet was full of the bullish news on the significant upside move of the metals on January 2nd, it proved to be premature. The price of gold and silver dropped like a stone on January 2nd. The astrological prediction proved to be extremely accurate. That is only one of the accurate calls the Astrology Traders made.

Gold Silver Worlds will report extensively the evolution in the precious metals market and prices in the coming week(s).

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