Petition To Audit US Gold Vaults – Best Kept Secret To Be Revealed?

Talking about an unexpected start of the year … A petition was launched on the website of the White House to have the US vaults audited. If there is one thing kept secret, then it is the amount of gold held by the US central bank. The presence of central bank gold became a very in the past couple of months and seemed to create a chain reaction after Germany announced to repatriate part of their gold back to Germany. It remains unknown to everyone how much gold really is present in the vaults. The US vaults host a lot of gold of many countries worldwide.

The page of the petition says: “As of 12/31/2012 the US Treasury claims to hold 261 million ounces of gold at Denver, Fort Knox, West Point and at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This bullion was last subjected to a full physical audit in 1953. The gold bars need to be assayed and weighed. Once the gold is verified the paper trail must be audited to determine who really owns the gold; i.e. how much has been loaned to bankers and dealers and sold or swapped to non-Treasury entities including foreign governments. The audit must include professional auditors outside of the Mint, Treasury, GAO, Inspector General and Federal Reserve system.”

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25,000 signatures are needed by February 08, 2013 to validate the petition. We currently stand at 3,000, still 22,000 to go. An effort from everyone is required because this could be the most important revelation related to gold!

Zerohedge incited their readers to participate: “Sadly, the response will be one denying what the people demand, but it will be interesting to see just what excuse the White House uses to shoot down an idea that is far more worthy of people’s time and attention than “minting” coins whose only real symbolism is that America is flat broke.”

GATA wrote earlier today: “Of course we don’t expect the petition itself to extract any honesty, candor, or information from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department — only more freedom-of-information lawsuits such as those contemplated by GATA are likely to accomplish that. But if the petition reaches the 25,000-signature threshold and compels a sullen acknowledgment and rejection from the government, it just might spark some interest in the mainstream financial news media somewhere. Gold market rigging as the centerpiece of the ever-expanding Western central bank scheme of rigging all markets is now long beyond obvious and has been extensively documented by GATA.”

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