Official US Gold Audit – 12 Days Left To Sign The Petition

As reported earlier on this site, an official petition was launched on the website of the White House to have the US vaults audited. If there is one thing kept secret, then it is the amount of gold held by the US central bank. The presence of central bank gold became a very in the past couple of months and seemed to create a chain reaction after Germany announced to repatriate part of their gold back to Germany. It remains unknown to everyone how much gold really is present in the vaults. The US vaults host a lot of gold of many countries worldwide.

25,000 signatures are needed by February 08, 2013 to validate the petition. The number of signatures currently is 6,600. With 12 days to go, more than 1,000 signatures per day are needed to achieve the target set, which seems almost impossible (given there have been some 300 signatures per day on average).

We still encourage readers to sign the petition (an account needs to be created first).




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