Nine Facts & Figures About The Perth Mint In Australia

The Perth Mint in Australia accounts for 300 tonnes of annual output, which equals slightly more than 10% of the world gold production (excl Russia and China). Being one of the largest mints in the world it is worth looking at the facts and figures behind the company. On the Perth Mint blog we have found nine interesting facts and figures.

•  The Western Australian capital became the home of Australia’s official bullion coin program when the Federal Government officially licenced the historic Perth Mint as exclusive manufacturer in 1986.

•  Last year alone, the Mint made and sold internationally nearly 4.2 million coins from pure gold, silver and platinum.

•  Around 90% of the Mint’s turnover is generated from exports of bullion, making it one of Western Australia’s largest exporters.

•  Australia is the world’s second largest gold producer, but Western Australia dominates production with huge open cut mines including Kalgoorlie and Boddington, both convenient to Perth.

•  The Perth Mint refinery is the largest precious metal refining operation in the Southern Hemisphere.

•  It processes Australia’s entire gold mine output, around 300 tonnes annually worth about $15 billion.

•  About $3.5 billion of bullion is managed by The Perth Mint’s depository.

•  This precious metal is held securely on behalf of investors from America (50%), Australia (25%) and Asia/Europe (25%), who value Perth’s reputation as a safe and secure location for their assets.

•  In 2012, Perth made international headlines when skilled craftsmen and women at the Mint successfully created the world’s largest legal tender coin – a solid gold Australian Kangaroo that weighed in at just over one tonne.

And here is an interesting video that shows the excellent, high-quality finish of the  99.99% pure gold, Minted Kangaroo Gold Bars from Australia’s Perth Mint.

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