Manifestations In Argentina Against Money Printing & Capital Controls

The number of countries that turn to the safe haven printing press as their way out of problems keeps on growing. The latest country to join the “create unlimited amounts of paper money party” is Argentina. With Cyprus in a similar situation only a month ago, it is becoming almost a monthly tradition. The red line with all predecessors? Creation of currency, out of thin air, to pay for government debts that already spiraled out of control … keep on repeating there are no consequences associated with it and force the citizens to participate in the untold consequences.

What is frightening is that politicians believe their own stories and think that the printing press will bring prosperity to their country and citizens. At least, they pretend to do so. Let’s get serious, who in this modern world reigned by the homo economicus still believes that adding huge quantities to the money supply comes without consequence?

It seems that people in Argentina at least show their concern openly and loudly. GoldSilver writes: “The power grabs have finally devolved into outright mass street protests, as the Argentine goverment Bans recourse against the government via the court system, with the exception of loss of health or life, even that was given a six-month limit.”

Argentina Is Following the script to a tee:

  1. Print currency to pay for a burgeoning government (Lie about the rate of rising prices).
  2. Capital Controls limit transactions out of the local currency (your labor and the purchasing power you have earned Can’t Be Transferred Into A New Medium For Protection).
  3. Price Controls limit prices of staples using force (shortages develop, and rationing begins as for-profit production cannot continue, and a true shortage appears for staples such as gasoline).

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