Infographic Explains Bright Outlook For Palladium & Platinum – by Sprott

Platinum and palladium (part of the Platinum Group Metals with the abbreviation PGM’s) are the less shiny precious metals. With most attention going to gold and silver, the PGM’s are less understood. Sprott has focused lately on the PGM’s, by creating the Platinum & Palladium Trust similar to the existing Gold Trust (PHYS) and Silver Trust (PSLV). The new trust is trading under the symbol SPPP in NYSE and PPT.U in TSX. The trustworthiness of Sprott’s ETF’s is the commonly accepted differentiator.

The infographic shows some highlights that everyone with an interest or involvement in precious metals should know about:

  • In which products are platinum and palladium used? Did you know for example that the highest usage was in automotive?
  • Demand for PGM’s is rising, and supply is under pressure. Did you know this is an important reason why the investment outlook in physical platinum and palladium is compelling?
  • What is the global supply/demand for both platinum and palladium? Did you know 2012 is expected to close with a net deficit?
  • Where are the PGM’s produced?


Courtesy: Sprott Physical Bullion


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