Gold & Silver Today – November 7th

Our selection of today’s gold and silver news:

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Good To Be Back Home Again

    Source: Jesse’s Crossroads Cafe | 2012-11-07

Gold, shares gain, dollar slips after Obama victory

    Source: SGT Report | 2012-11-07

Charteris: Silver to Rise 500%, Gold to Hit $2,500 in 2015

    Source: SGT Report | 2012-11-07

Hathaway: Gold Setup To Super-Surge To New All-Time Highs

    Source: King World News | 2012-11-07

Obama Wins; Gold And Silver Jump 2 and 3 Percent

    Source: Gold Core | 2012-11-07

GATA’s clamor reaches an ever-wider circle of the gold universe

    Source: GATA | 2012-11-07

Richard Russell – I See Catastrophic Insane Bubbles Everywhere

      Source: King World News | 2012-11-07


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