GE Christenson About His Ebook: Survival Investing With Gold and Silver

GE Christenson launched an ebook “Survival Investing.” He wrote the book because of his conviction that inflation is an inevitable event. There are dangers associated with the current global money printing schemes, which people should be aware of. These monetary topics are not easy to grasp, so the author created a book that’s easy to read and simple to understand. It’s written in a way that people could relate to the ideas and examples in the book, in order to understand the necessity of hedging their purchasing power to inflation.

The author says: “I lived through the inflation of the 1970’s in the United States. I fully expect the coming inflation in prices to be much worse, but salaries and wages will not keep pace as they did in the 1970’s. Hence, preparation is more important than before. I have studied the gold and silver markets since the 1980’s and believe that they are two of the best and easiest ways to inflation hedge our savings and retirement funds.”

Based on the following Q&A, readers can get an idea of the topics that GE Christenson writes about in his ebook.

Question: Is this book simple and easy to understand?
Answer: Yes!

Question: I don’t have any excess money. Can this book help me?
Answer: I suggest many ways to reduce your expenses so you can invest more money each month.

Question: I have an IRA or 401k that is barely growing. Will this ebook help?
Answer: Yes – I offer a number of suggestions to help your IRA grow faster and safer.

Question: What about my retirement funds? Are they safe? Will inflation hurt them? I’m really worried about my retirement funds – can you help me understand what to do?
Answer: I offer suggestions that will help you protect them from inflation.

Question: I’m afraid that my savings won’t last if prices really start to rise. Is that true?
Answer: I explain and show tables that clearly show what happens in ten years.

Question: We have been told that gold is a bad investment because it earns no interest. If that is so, why do they tell me my money market, which earns practically nothing, is a good investment?
Answer: I discuss gold and accounts that earn next to nothing.

Question: Is it true, as we are often told, that a little inflation is good? And if not, why not?
Answer: I explain the consequences of inflation.

Question: Do you understand why inflation is built into our financial system?
Answer: Most people do not, but I explain it in simple terms, and show you what it means for your finances.

Question: Do you understand that Quantitative Easing or debt monetization is little more than old-fashioned “printing money?”
Answer: The result is that the money supply increases and so do prices. I explain how and why.


Readers can get the answers to the above questions by ordering the newest eBook of GE Christenson “Survival Investing With Gold & Silver.” It’s available on this website, from Smashwords, and from Amazon Kindle eBooks, for only $4.99.


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