GATA Reveals Confidential Document Authorizing Central Banks To Hide Their Gold Reserves

| December 12, 2012 | Articles: General

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) was able to obtain a confidential report from the International Monetary Fund, written in 1999. The report defines that Western central banks would become allowed to hide their gold loans and swaps within their gold reserves, not disclosing the amount of their monetary gold but only the value assigned to it.

The report contains a proposal to strengthen financial reporting standards for central banks. The IMF consulted top officials of the organization itself but also from other institutions like the Bank for International Settlements, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and the German Bundesbank, amongst others.

From the document:

“Central bank officials indicated that they considered information on gold loans and swaps to be highly market-sensitive, in view of the limited number of participants in such transactions. Thus, they considered that the Special Data Dissemination Standard reserves template should not require the separate disclosure of such information but should instead treat all monetary gold assets, including gold on loan or subject to swap agreements, as a single data item. They also confirmed a view, taken by a number of countries (both inside and outside the G-10) at the December board meeting that the disclosure of the composition of reserves by individual currencies would be market-sensitive but that they would have no objection to disclosure of such information by groups of currencies. …” (Page 6, Paragraph 15.)

“On the assets side of the template, the major changes are: a) the elimination of any requirement to disclose the amount of gold loans, and of the explicit requirement to disclose the volume of monetary gold. The revised template would require only that the total value of monetary gold (including gold loans) be disclosed.” (Page 8, Paragraph 23.)

GATA is a long time proponent of transparency in the gold market. The race for clarity (which is the opposite of manipulation) is the main objective of GATA. The document from the IMF shows that their assumptions are correct.

Read the confidential IMF document on the GATA website (pdf at the bottom of the article).

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