Financial Astrology: The Numbers and The Markets

The following is an excerpt this weekend’s premium update by Astrology Traders, which uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Jeff Pierce adds in the technical picture for the stocks and sectors in focus. 

It is not a coincidence that disasters and significant events occur on the 11th of the month.  Each number (numerology) has a meaning (quality) and not just a quantity or mathematical sum of the total.  11 is the number of the enlightened and their attacks.  23 is the number of man and his DNA.  911 is the number of the New World Order and it was on 8/23/11 that gold fell from a high of $1911. 

The October 29, 1929 stock market crash began when Uranus was exactly 8 degrees 23 minutes Aries.  Uranus was also 8 degrees 23 minutes Aries on August  2, 2012 the day Knight Capital Group collapsed.  U.S. president George Bush announced for the first time the New World Order on 9/11/90.  These numbers (dates) are being punctuated in the astrology where planetary alignments coincide exactly with the dates as the energies are coming down from the heavens.  The numbers themselves are not the evil, but rather the myriad forms and concepts of the power elite that are spawning a shadowed veil of thought that is distinctly antichrist in nature.  Because of the continuous misqualification of energy on these dates there is a growing cult following in numerology circles on the web.


There is stress in Canada’s natal chart on 4/11.  There is also an exact Mars/Jupiter square on 4/11 in the Fed chart which suggests the warning or danger of loss through financial theft.  I am optimistic for Canada and a delay in financial schemes.  The numbers 20.12 are fortunate and represent the Sun Helios behind the sun.

The Sun is the ruler of our solar system and represents gold (gold is precipitated sun rays in the earth).  Saturn will return to the degree of a dispensation and cycle that was initiated on January 1, 1984--and then punctuated again on July 4, 1984-– a cycle of awareness and descent of karma from the Sun, Helios the sun behind the Sun.  The return began on December 21, 2012 (that’s 20.12 2x) and will be exact on April 6th and again September 28th.   April 6th is significant as a setback to the financial schemes and there could be gossip or word on the Street beginning April 4th where we could see a spike in gold and silver as well as TBT.  The financials (XLF) could see a harsh pullback 4/7-4/12.  The dates 4/6/13 and 9/28/13 should be noted on your calendar.


In case anyone is wondering,  August 23, 2013 (8/23) Mars will conjoin the Fed Neptune and there could be financial losses and a market decline.

The Dollar

Last year my long term projection was for the markets to continue higher along with the dollar.  The dollar has continued higher while the Dow and now the S&P have made new all time highs.  This trend could continue throughout the year and we could see the dollar continue to gain strength.


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