Financial Astrology: Confiscation Not Over Yet

We published an article earlier today written by the Astrology Traders at Zentrader. As the event in Cyprus is such a major evolution, the Astrology Traders continued their research and came to the following findings:

All my warnings about the financial sector and the risk of getting robbed during Mercury retrogrades seems to be colliding in a way that no one could have anticipated.  The market pullback today looks too cute in my view.  I don’t think this is over and Cyprus could be the test run to something bigger this weekend.  Mars will conjoin Uranus at 8 degrees Aries on Friday.  Uranus has an 84 year obit and is transiting the same degree as in October 29,1929, the day of the famous stock market crash.   There could be another much bigger raid and Cyprus may be the front runner to desensitize everyone.  There could be more shock (Uranus conj. Mars) in Europe over the weekend.   Perhaps an epic conditioning experiment and there is risk of this “deposit tax” in American banks next year.

The U.S. Markets could see more of a pullback into the end of March.  The markets could rally in April and everyone will forget about it when the markets take off again.

As explained earlier, we are aware that “astrology” is not taken very seriously in general. Yet it is astonishing how accurate Astrology Traders have been, as we have been following the team for a year. One of their predictions was the weakness of the metals going into January 3d. Although the metals got into January 2nd in an extremely bullish way, the price of gold and silver dropped like a stone on January 3d.

For people worldwide we refer to the article about the Cypriot event we wrote two days ago “Wakeup Call From Cyprus To The Rest Of The World“. In it, we explain how this event is a confirmation of a major deteriorating event in the monetary and financial world. Sadly, almost every citizen in Cyprus is suffering … except the minority which is holding physical gold and silver.

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