Financial Astrology: Canadian Banks at Risk?

Although we are aware that “astrology” is not a commonly accepted science, we must say that we have been following the work of the Astrology Traders since almost a year. It is astonishing how accurate they have been, for instance predicting weakness of the metals going into January 3d. While the internet was full of the bullish news on the significant upside move of the metals on January 2nd, it proved to be premature. The price of gold and silver dropped like a stone during overnight trading going into January 3d. That is only one of the accurate calls the Astrology Traders made.

Their latest call is a significant one:

The TSX has been very neutral since the end of January, perhaps signaling consolidation for a breakout or the eerie calm could turn into a sudden storm that no one was expecting or prepared for. While everyone is distracted with Cyprus and Europe, Canada could have it’s own mysterious banking scandal.

Uranus is square Canada’s Sun which could bring a shock to the nations financial security near April 22nd. With Neptune Square Canada’s natal Mars beginning March 30th there is a risk for unusual financial flows out of the country. May 10th-11th could bring an explosion or natural disaster.

Watch for a bullish move in gold and silver beginning near April 4th.

We will report back to this call in the coming week(s) to check the accuracy.

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