AfterShock Book Writers Launch New Fund

AfterShock is one of the books that correctly predicted the 2008 financial meltdown. The authors of the book (Robert Wiedemer and David Wiedemer, PhD.) wrote an update in 2012 predicting the big collapse to come. Their view is based on the creation of bubbles in the economy by the monetary policies of the Fed. The final collapse will take down the US dollar and government bond bubble.

The authors of the book launched a mutual fund which is called The Aftershock Strategies Fund. The ticker symbol is SHKNX. The fund can be purchased via the website As from mid-January, the fund is available through Charles Schwab.

The short and long terms goals of the fund are described on the website:

  • Short term goal: Aim to take advantage of current trends while preparing for eventual downturn
  • Medium term goal: Shift away from vulnerable assets in preparation for the Aftershock (as described in the book)
  • Long term goal: Protect and profit from the Aftershock (as described in the book)

Fund highlights

The fund diversifies among asset classes as well as within classes. Rather than just having a diversified stock and bond portfolio, the fund also invests in gold, commodities and foreign currencies. In addition to long positions, the fund takes short positions in these asset classes as needed to attempt to protect against declining markets. The fund aims for a steady growth pattern even in a declining stock market. With this approach, the fund also aims to limit volatility.

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