A Look Inside The Gold Vault Of The Bank Of England

The following video is really exciting as it shows an amount of gold in one area that almost any individual will see in its whole life. The video crew was allowed to record inside the gold vault of the Bank of England, where gold is vaulted with a value of 315,000,000,000 US dollar ($ 315 billion or £ 197 billion) at the current gold price. Some interesting insights from the video:

  • Each self contains 1 ton of gold, with a value of 56 million US dollar per shelf (at today’s gold price)
  • The large bars weigh 12.4 kg and have a value of 695.500 US dollars (or £ 435,000), worth 2 nice houses.
  • The oldest bar of gold is sitting in the vault since 1916. The beauty of gold as a chemical elements is that it is very unreactive, so it looks and smells exactly the same as in 1916 (gold as an element does not change neither at the surface, neither inside, neither is there a change in the smell)
  • All gold ever mined fit under the legs of the Eiffel Tower, you can compare it with a building on the street.

The video is only 6 minutes long but quite unique.


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