2013 – Declining Wealth & Trust, Increasing Deficits

Author GE Christenson describes in this article his outlook for 2013, by simply looking at today’s reality. Obviously, no crystal ball is needed to come to the same conclusions, only some courage to look at the truth which is visible through the daily main stream “noise.” The outlook of the author is very similar to the expectations of Gold Silver Worlds.

Expect the same as in 2012 (for those who are willing to look at reality) …

  • The media will continue to assure us that gold is in a bubble – a decade of nonsense – wrong then and wrong now.
  • The media will assure us that silver prices are volatile. That and $2.11 will buy a grande coffee.
  • Inflation and unemployment will continue to be under-reported, even in non-election years.
  • Congressional accomplishments will continue to be over-reported.
  • SNAFU: System Non-functional, All Funding Unlimited.
  • TBTF banks will remain Too Big To Fail.
  • European financial troubles will continue. Ditto for Japan, the UK, and the US.
  • The Federal Reserve will bail out banks and fund much of the government deficit. They will claim this benefits both employment and the economy. That benefit plus $2.11 will buy a grande coffee.

… but expect less of the same in 2013

  • Less Congressional credibility – low and going lower.
  • Less belief in a better future. It is difficult to believe in a brighter future when the food stamps and welfare payments just don’t buy what they used to.
  • Less employment. People continue to drop out of the employment statistics because they have given up hope of finding work. This is called “structural unemployment.”
  • Less purchasing power for the dollar. The more the central banks print, the higher the cost of food, fuel, beer, and wine.
  • Lower standard of living. With much higher costs, the standard of living for most Americans will continue to decline.

… and more of the same in 2013

  • More money printing by central banks. A trillion here and a trillion there, printed money everywhere.
  • More deficit spending. $3 Billion per day, but who cares?
  • More useless commentary about controlling spending, but the result will be increased spending and more useless commentary.
  • More and higher taxes. More consumer price inflation.
  • More QE. Printing money props up the stock market, but for how long?
  • More debt. More student loans, more credit card debt, more mortgages, more sovereign debt, and eventually some nasty defaults.

Non-Prediction for 2013 and 2014

train wreck is in process … but we have been warned. Protect your finances, investments, and retirement. The official numbers may not represent reality.

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