Paul Brodsky: We Are Now Beginning The Last Wave Of Gold’s Major Uptrend

On the heels of the Fed announcing QE3, and the gold market surging higher, today King World News wanted to speak with the firm that is calling for $10,000 gold.  Paul Brodsky, who co-founded QB Asset Management Company, had this to say about what what the Fed and other central planners are doing:  “What I’ve noticed about today’s move is that the Fed embarked on more QE, but without any pretense, it seems, of economic stimulation.  I think this is something that investors, economists and others should take note of.”

Paul Brodsky continues:

“It may be ‘crossing the Rubicon’ if you will, from the thinking that the Fed might be able to elicit a cyclical economic rebound, to it looks as though we have a serious debt problem.  In an economic environment in the United States in which the budget deficit is on pace to grow at $1 trillion a year, it seems to me that the markets are starting to internalize that this is something bigger than what was previously acknowledged.


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