James Turk: Gold To Explode Higher As US Debt To Be Downgraded

On the heels of the Fed decision and continued volatility in gold and silver, today King World News interviewed James Turk out of Europe. Turk stunned KWN  by saying that US debt is about to be downgraded once again.  Turk also warned, “The reality is the Fed is losing control,” and the Fed is now being “overwhelmed.”  He went on to say that all of this means right now we are going to see an “upside explosion” in both gold and silver.

Here is what Turk had to say:  “The Federal Reserve has made another announcement, Eric, and each one of their proclamations makes it more obvious that the Fed is no longer in the driver’s seat.  It is just rehashing the same stuff.  The reality is the Fed is losing control.  It is slowly but surely being overwhelmed by events, and particularly, the reality that US government finances are out of control.”

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