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From Raymond Chandler in “The Long Goodbye:”

There is no trap so deadly as the trap you set for yourself.” (Think deficit spending, central banking, QE, and “printing money.”)

Images that come to mind are:

E-printing press



Future Possibilities for dollars/euros/pounds/yen:

  • More debt, “money printing,” central bank desperation, currency devaluations, QE, and more of the same failed policies – will produce higher gold prices.
  • Inflationary blow-off and gold prices go astronomical in devalued currencies, as they have in many other countries in the past century.
  • Deflationary depression, tens or hundreds of $Trillions of debt defaults that make the 1930s look like a “walk in the park” by comparison to the “Greater Depression.” Gold prices are … unpredictable.
  • The dollar is gradually replaced by some other currency – a Special Drawing Right (IMF), a gold backed “something,” a digital currency, something new, or:

E-Gold One OZ


From: Pierre Lassonde:

“… very sure the five-year bear market for gold is over” … “gold could surge to $8,000 an ounce or even higher…”

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