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Technical Analysis: Expect Contratrend Rallies In Most Metals

Bear market declines are in place for nearly all the commodities except for a strong Palladium.. Kickback rallies (contratrend rallies) are in place or in progress; some already may be failing. What to watch for is a test of the lows, which may result in a further breakdown, and lower lows, or contrarily, a decline that fails to achieve the former low, thus holding at a higher level, which could suggest the potential for another rally over the weeks / months ahead.

Global Insanity Prevails, But Precious Metals Remain Directionless

The timing for any collapse of the banking system and the mistaken belief it will foster a new gold-backed system keeps getting pushed back for as long as smaller governments like Greece, actually all the PIIGS, can be kept subservient to the 1%’s bidding, for as long as the US war machine can keep all the other smaller countries in fear while the US mounts a false flag attack on Russia via the US-induced coup in Ukraine, gold and silver will remain as pawns in these dirty wars. One thing is certain, having physical gold and silver will provide a store of value for those who hold either or both.

A Possible Trade Set-Up in Gold That Goes Against Feelings

The correction from January’s 1308.80 high has been nasty, but we shouldn’t let that distract us from seeing the turn if it comes. It’s tempting to think yet another leg down is coming over the next day or two and that we should therefore be looking for a way to get short. Notice, however, that the larger, bullish ABC pattern going back to the January 2 low is still intact. That pattern would trip a buy signal on a print at 1225.80. Accordingly, I’ll recommend using a ‘camouflage’ entry signal on the 3-minute chart or less to get long once that number has been hit.

The Circus Is In Town

The US government has consistently increased its expenses from 1980 as shown and since 1913, not shown. SNAP (food stamp) program costs increased erratically and inevitably. This program alone consumes the entire official US gold hoard every four years. Really? Gold prices have increased erratically and exponentially since 1971. Given the exponentially increasing government debt and ongoing military adventures, gold prices will inevitably reflect the declining value of fiat currencies and rally much higher.

Gold and Debt: Astonishing Comparisons

Gold is rare and much too inexpensive compared to the $ trillions of debt created each year. Gold prices will rise or the amount of debt in the world will seriously contract. Bet on rising gold prices.



Our Selection of Longer Term Gold Price Charts

We spend quite some time and effort analyzing the gold price, both on the short term and on the long term. The result is a wealth of information and analysis in the form of articles (analysis, market views and commentaries). Below is a selection of the 5 most valuable long term gold price analysis, containing many gold price charts:


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Mind that gold is primarily a monetary metal, although it has also characteristics of commodities. So when analyzing the gold price charts, please make sure to also look at the more fundamental aspects of gold. An economic assessment, as well as an in-depth analysis of the monetary environment, are key. By doing so, one could find for instance a huge disconnect in gold being an investable commodity versus gold being a hedge against monetary, particularly after the gold price drop in 2013.