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What The Strong Dollar Does With The Price Of Gold

As heretical as it sounds, there’s a downside to America’s success, and that’s a stronger dollar. For the 12-month period, our currency has seen a 1.1-standard deviation move, which has put pressure on two commodities that we consider our lifeblood at U.S. Global Investors: gold and oil.

What Happens With The Gold Price If Deflation Wins?

It’s hard to argue that high debt levels are deflationary. And with the current expansion based largely on debt, we can’t expect sustainably higher economic activity to be generated. So what happens if deflation wins? Even if we eventually get inflation, what happens to our gold investments if we first go through a deflationary bust?

What Has The Gold Price Done Since 9-11

Note the graph of the ratio of gold to the S&P 500 Index. Both are rising together and gold is now inexpensive (again) compared to the S&P 500 Index, like it was on 9-11. Since 9-11 crude oil prices have gone much higher and crashed lower but on average they have increased with gold prices.

Gold Prices Rally Strongly amid Falling Equities

The gold price suppression has been the result of the activities of the CME Group, together with major banks. By using paper contracts on Comex, these institutions are causing severe dislocations in the real world and the scam can’t continue indefinitely and will cause its own demise by how it distorts the real world of supply and demand. Furthermore, the recent rally in the U.S. dollar is unjustified by the economic fundamentals and will not be sustainable in the long-term. Gold therefore remains a crucial portfolio diversifier for the potential dangers ahead.

An End Is Still Not In Sight Gold And Silver’s Price Decline

We prefer to follow developing market activity, and let it determine when a bottom is final. The realization of a bottom can take days, often weeks to confirm. Those who have called bottoms in the past few years never had the patience to wait for confirmation, which never came, obviously. Weekly gold has hit important support for the third time since the 2011 highs. There was an immediate rally following the previous two tests, and it would seem one will follow this one. There is a more positive sign on last week’s retest, for it is the only retest where price opened near the low for the week and closed relatively strongly.



Our Selection of Longer Term Gold Price Charts

We spend quite some time and effort analyzing the gold price, both on the short term and on the long term. The result is a wealth of information and analysis in the form of articles (analysis, market views and commentaries). Below is a selection of the 5 most valuable long term gold price analysis, containing many gold price charts:


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Mind that gold is primarily a monetary metal, although it has also characteristics of commodities. So when analyzing the gold price charts, please make sure to also look at the more fundamental aspects of gold. An economic assessment, as well as an in-depth analysis of the monetary environment, are key. By doing so, one could find for instance a huge disconnect in gold being an investable commodity versus gold being a hedge against monetary, particularly after the gold price drop in 2013.