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Events Impacting The Gold And Silver Price In The Week Of September 29th

For the week commencing September 29th, there are some key economic data and the European Central Bank announcement that could impact markets and precious metals. A key event this week is undoubtedly the ECB rate decision on Thursday October 2nd.

Dollar Gold And How It Affected Gold Since The Financial Crisis

As the dollar has risen to a level not seen since the first outbreak of the euro problem in mid-2010, it would seem as if the level of dollar stress might be somewhat heightened, though it is impossible to know exactly if that is the case and to what degree. It looks as if the breakout of gold prices below the range that had been so stable since early in the year would add evidence to that theory. Gold prices under these conditions will act inversely, as funding pressures where gold is used as a substitute collateral are depressive. That would further suggest, if correct, that central banks may be back into supplying gold where they were likely absent only a few months ago.

Is This A Triple Bottom In Gold?

We do not intend these observations to imply a recommendation to buy gold, but as chartists we wait and watch for promising setups. In this case we can see something developing that may prove to be relief for long-suffering gold bulls. Those with interest in the yellow metal should watch it closely over the next few weeks.

Is Gold Correcting Or In A Downtrend?

All this makes me believe we are not in a corrective triangle within a bear market but rather in a bottoming formation. Gold sentiment is not just negative, it is extremely negative, while all the bears in US stocks and the dollar have capitulated. However the breakout from this triangle formation has to be watched very closely. Any move below US$1,200 and, more specifically, $1,180, to which I give a low probability, would require a new look.

Has The Gold Price Drop Run Its Course?

The gold price dropped on Monday September 22nd to USD 1212 and EUR 942. Dollar gold is close to retest its bottom for the third time since mid-2013, a price level which was seen only in the summer of 2010. For readers seeking to understand what is going on, we are providing a comprehensive view on the gold market. We take all perspectives into account: price and chart patterns, the technical picture, sentiment, the fuures market, physical demand, gold miners, the influence of the dollar, correlation with commodities, monetary policy and inflation/deflation. We also compare several indicators with the low price points in April, June and December 2013.



Our Selection of Longer Term Gold Price Charts

We spend quite some time and effort analyzing the gold price, both on the short term and on the long term. The result is a wealth of information and analysis in the form of articles (analysis, market views and commentaries). Below is a selection of the 5 most valuable long term gold price analysis, containing many gold price charts:


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Mind that gold is primarily a monetary metal, although it has also characteristics of commodities. So when analyzing the gold price charts, please make sure to also look at the more fundamental aspects of gold. An economic assessment, as well as an in-depth analysis of the monetary environment, are key. By doing so, one could find for instance a huge disconnect in gold being an investable commodity versus gold being a hedge against monetary, particularly after the gold price drop in 2013.