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Gold Price Went Ballistic To $1,450 In Less Than 20 Minutes

A glitch, a game or both? It is unclear what exactly happened, but the price of gold surged from $1,200 to $1,450 in just ten minutes, at least at some charts (not all). It was brought to our attention by Nick from Sharelynx. The website, for instance, shows the blip and a return to reality after some 20 minutes. As readers can see, the “glitch” was not erased afterwards. Probably this is just a glitch, but it would be interesting to see if some shorts have really been stopped out. Probably we will never find out!

Gold Prices Higher Due To New Developments In Financial Markets

By publishing this statement, the Dutch Central Bank basically admits that holding gold increases the public trust in the central bank as an institution, and that’s a statement which should not and cannot be underestimated as it basically means that only physical gold can be trusted and that the gold should be stored inside the country. ‘He who owns the gold makes the rules’ once again seems to be up-and-coming again.

Rising Gold And US Dollar. Will The Impossible Continue?

In the last two weeks, we are seeing the impossible–a rise in the gold price and the US dollar. This isn’t as impossible as it seems–we’ve seen this before, from late 2009 to about mid-2010. It was a good time to be invested in gold equities. Notice that during the impossible trend in the past, gold and USDX never rose together for more than two consecutive weeks. The move was seemed to be a series of cycles and countercycles, over which both parameters increased. As I’ve argued previously, rising gold and US dollar is the most economically favourable environment for gold equities–particularly those with production. If the number of dollars you receive per unit of gold increases, and at the same time the value of those dollars increases, your revenue increase will reflect both inputs.

Gold’s Upswing In November Amid A Lower Trend Line

There is clearly an upswing present since early November, but defining this upswing is a challenge so a broad in the Raff Regression Channel. It does a pretty good job of defining direction and accounting for volatility, which we are seeing now. The lower trend line ends around 112 and I will mark support here. The long-term trend for gold is still down and GLD has a big resistance zone in the 115-116.50 area.

How Gold And Silver’s Price Decline And Short Covering Was Manufactured

I can peg JPMorgan’s formerly manipulative short position in COMEX silver as now being no more than 8000 contracts and quite probably even lower. Never, since acquiring the massive short position of Bear Stearns in 2008, has JPMorgan’s silver short position been lower. Considering how much physical metal I believe JPM has accumulated (SLV, Silver Eagles, etc.), JPMorgan has never been better positioned for a real upside move in silver.



Our Selection of Longer Term Gold Price Charts

We spend quite some time and effort analyzing the gold price, both on the short term and on the long term. The result is a wealth of information and analysis in the form of articles (analysis, market views and commentaries). Below is a selection of the 5 most valuable long term gold price analysis, containing many gold price charts:


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Mind that gold is primarily a monetary metal, although it has also characteristics of commodities. So when analyzing the gold price charts, please make sure to also look at the more fundamental aspects of gold. An economic assessment, as well as an in-depth analysis of the monetary environment, are key. By doing so, one could find for instance a huge disconnect in gold being an investable commodity versus gold being a hedge against monetary, particularly after the gold price drop in 2013.