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Gold & Silver Prices At Critical Juncture

Gold is showing some strength in recent weeks. Here we see that price has pushed above the upper median line of the bearish Andrews pitchfork.This is encouraging but price now has to deal with significant resistance in the $1160-1170 area.

Gold And Silver Are Trapped In A Low-End Trading Range

The forces described in this article are the true ones influencing gold and silver, not record coin sales, not record purchases month in and month out for the past few years by China, India, and Russia. Waiting patiently on the sidelines are gold and silver, wanting to have their day, and that day will happen, just not knowing when. Again, while the current rally seems fairly decent on the daily, the more controlling larger weekly time frame is not that impressive. A weekly chart is a stronger guide than a daily. Even the smaller range of last week, relative to the week before, suggests sellers are keeping a check on this market, at least for now.

Is Silver’s Break Out An Early Bullish Signal For Gold?

The chart shows that silver has already broken out from a major 3-year declining trendline. Silver has a track record to lead the precious metals complex. Is silver’s early break signalling a trend change? Or is this simply another false breakout, as we have witnessed quite some over the last years? Given the above conditions, we believe there is a fair chance that this breakout is for real.

Two Charts That Gold Bulls Will Love

First, the U.S. dollar is taking quite some time consolidating. With a U.S. Fed kicking the can down the road when it comes to hiking interest rates, the market has clearly understood that the dollar cannot rally, at least not in the short to mid term. The strongly declining volume on the chart suggests interest in the dollar is waning. Second, gold is attempting to make a huge breakout, as evidenced on the following chart. The number of touchpoints on the resistance line is 5. The area between support and resistance line is minimal. If gold will succeed in breaking out, it will be THE long anticipated trend change.

Close To Technical Buy Signals In Gold And Silver

For the first time since the precious metals topped in 2011, both the Silver and Gold charts are constructing possible bottom configurations. The monthly Gold chart displays the bear trend that began with the completion of a major descending triangle in April 2013. As shown on the weekly graph, the decline in Silver from the 2011 high has been one for the textbooks. The decline has complied with the principles of classical charting as well as any other market in recent years.



Our Selection of Longer Term Gold Price Charts

We spend quite some time and effort analyzing the gold price, both on the short term and on the long term. The result is a wealth of information and analysis in the form of articles (analysis, market views and commentaries). Below is a selection of the 5 most valuable long term gold price analysis, containing many gold price charts:


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Mind that gold is primarily a monetary metal, although it has also characteristics of commodities. So when analyzing the gold price charts, please make sure to also look at the more fundamental aspects of gold. An economic assessment, as well as an in-depth analysis of the monetary environment, are key. By doing so, one could find for instance a huge disconnect in gold being an investable commodity versus gold being a hedge against monetary, particularly after the gold price drop in 2013.