Gold, Silver and Greek Referendum – Expect Fireworks

I got a friendly invitation from to speak about Greece (the coming referendum but also the root of the ongoing problems), as well as the precious metals market.

The problem in Greece, in sum, is that the referendum is covering a matter that is too technical and economic for people to understand. Basically, people want some relief, not a referendum based on 2 complex documents that most don’t understand.

The propaganda machine in Greece is turning as never before. It tries to make up on wrong decisions from governments in the past. Greece is facing is the nasty effects of debt accumulated over 2 decades combined with a Big State during that same period.

Next to Greece, we covereded the precious metals miners during the interview, and the positive (long term) outlook of that beaten down industry.

This lead to gold and silver, and what is happening with the massive open interest on COMEX silver.

Fireworks could be in the cards, not only in Greece but also in precious metals.

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