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Paul Brodsky: We Are Now Beginning The Last Wave Of Gold’s Major Uptrend

| September 14, 2012 | Articles: Experts Talk

On the heels of the Fed announcing QE3, and the gold market surging higher, today King World News wanted to speak with the firm that is calling for $10,000 gold.  Paul Brodsky, who co-founded QB Asset Management Company, had this to say about what what the Fed and other central planners are doing:  “What I’ve noticed about today’s move is that the Fed embarked on more QE, but without any pretense, it seems, of economic stimulation.  I think this is something that investors, economists and others should take note of.” Paul Brodsky continues: “It may be ‘crossing the Rubicon’ if you will, from the thinking that the Fed might be able […]

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Doug Casey on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Today’s Journalism

| September 13, 2012 | Articles: Experts Talk

Louis: Hola Doug. What’s on your mind this week? Doug: The color yellow. As in “yellow journalism” – which seems almost the only kind we have these days. Of course, to be fair, inflammatory, shamelessly dishonest “man bites dog” journalism has always been the dominant kind, simply because it sells papers. But we’ll see more than the usual amount in the next couple of months, simply because elections lend themselves to it; politics seems to stimulate the reptilian part of the brain, the most primitive part. Both politics and the reptilian brain relate well to the yellow press. Anyway, like many people, I watched snippets of the Republican National Convention […]

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Stephen Leeb: $150 Silver and an Ocean of Paper Money to Flood the System

| September 12, 2012 | Articles: Experts Talk

Today acclaimed money manager Stephen Leeb told King World News, “There is no doubt that the Fed is going to print hundreds of billions of additional dollars.”  Leeb also said, “They (the Fed) will have created multiple trillions of dollars and it won’t stop.”  Leeb also said that in this environment, “… silver is easily going to $150.” But first, here is what Leeb had to say about the situation in Europe: “I think the German high court decision was expected.  It won’t have any effect on Europe’s ability to reflate.  Bond purchases will take place, and Europeans now recognize they are all interrelated.  If something happens to any of those […]

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Grant Williams about QE3, Central Planning and Gold

| September 6, 2012 | Articles: Experts Talk

QE3 is coming folks. Maybe not quite yet, but soon and when it does, it will be a coordinated blitz between the Fed, the ECB, the BoE and the PBOC with the BoJ tagging along because… well, why not? Not only will it be coordinated, but it will be gigantic. It’s really all they have left now. The fear of falling that surrounds deflation has paralyzed the world for the last four years and drastic measures have been taken to stave off that which central planners fear the most. Lately, the big problem the world has faced has been Europe’s unwillingness to get its head out of its a** come […]

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Peter Schiff: The QE Debate

There is an ongoing three way debate between those who believe the Fed should do more to strengthen the recovery, those who believe that the recovery is strong enough to continue on its own, and those who believe that the economy has been so fundamentally altered by the recession that no amount of stimulus can succeed in pushing unemployment down to pre-crash levels. As usual, they all have it wrong (although some are more wrong than others). The false conclusions are being made by the likes of bond king Bill Gross, who has suggested that the economic fundamentals have changed. They argue that a “new normal” is now in place […]

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Stephen Leeb: Bernanke, Europe, China & The Surge In Gold & Silver

| September 1, 2012 | Articles: Experts Talk

Today acclaimed money manager Stephen Leeb told King World News that he expects the Fed will in fact ease at their September meeting.  Leeb also discussed the strong move in gold and silver, but first, here is what Leeb had to say regarding Bernanke and the Fed: “I think what investors clearly wanted to hear from Bernanke is that he’s ready to ease on monetary policy, and that he’s ready to open the floodgates again.  That, combined with a much more docile Merkel, and news today that China’s copper demand might be a lot stronger than people think, and you really had a trifecta here today.” Stephen Leeb continues: “The Bernanke story […]

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Robert Fitzwilson: How To Survive The Coming Chaotic & Catastrophic Markets

Today 40 year veteran, Robert Fitzwilson, wrote the following piece exclusively for King World News.  Fitzwilson, who is founder of The Portola Group, put together a fascinating piece which covers which covers, “… which (asset) class performed the task of wealth preservation that we all hope to achieve in these chaotic and potentially catastrophic markets.” “Our last report dealt with the characteristics of a bubble as seen through a technology stock, Cisco, and the sentiment surrounding the choice of that asset.  We thought it would be even more interesting to revisit the issue across a broad array of asset classes during the period from 1978 to 1980. Continue reading on King […]

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Peter Schiff about gold and silver prices breakout

The always entertaining but still serious Peter Schiff commented on the breakout of the gold and silver price of past week. In this video message, he shared some interesting insights about what was happening in other markets while the precious metals were making a fantastic breakout move. But first, Peter Schiff repeated once again that loose monetary policies (read: money printing or Quantitative Easing) are not the cure for the current economic slowdown. In fact, they are the root cause of today’s sick economy. So in fact governments are treating the problem of too much money being created as the solution for that problem. Schiff describes it as a “self perpetual sprial.” The […]

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Doug Casey Predicts Day of Economic Reckoning Is Near

It is a deal with the devil: governments churn out more and more cash for the promise of continued prosperity. But the day of reckoning is near, according to Doug Casey, chairman of Casey Research and an expert on crisis investing. As the epic battle between inflation and deflation continues, Casey discusses his predictions for the new world market in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report. The Gold Report: There will be a Casey Research Summit on “Navigating the Politicized Economy” in Carlsbad, California in September. Investors from around the world look to these summits as future road maps for investing pitfalls and opportunities. The thesis behind the Summit […]

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Eric Sprott: We Are Staring At Chaos & Collapse In Front Of Us

Today billionaire Eric Sprott spoke with King World News about one of his frightening predictions, “I always postulated that the financial system would go bankrupt, and it has, save for one thing, it got bailed out.”  Sprott, who is Chairman of Sprott Asset Management, also added, “But I don’t think the central planners have a winning hand here.  They’re not going to win.” Sprott then warned, “God knows when we get there (to the end of the current system) what we are all staring at.” But first, here is what he had to say about the last decade:  “When I reflect back over the decade, I think I can come almost […]

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Chris Martenson about Gold price manipulation

In his latest article, Chris Martenson puts the gold price manipulation into perspective. He connects the gold price manipulation with recent examples of manipulation in other areas in the financial world. His conclusion is that gold price manipulation is given. There is an increasing number of companies and countries that are a long time on the path of manipulation. Those practices have been there for a longer time, but i’s only now that they become visible. Cases like Greece’s catastrophic economy, MF Global’s bankruptcy with huge amounts of clients’ money that is “lost” and more recently Peregrine Financial are simply the first cracks in the current system. The current system […]

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Gold and Silver investments are a great buying opportunity in August 2012

This article contains a summary of the interview of Bert Dohmen’s from Dohmen Capital by Jim Puplava from Financial Sense. The interview contains a section about investing in gold, silver and mining shares between 21:45 and 34:00 (listen here to the mp3). When investing in gold or silver, you need to take a long term investment approach. Bert Dohmen believes that gold is going to hold its value over the long term. By contrast, paper currencies cannot hold their value. Paper currencies has been losing their purchasing power for the past 50 years. The ponit is, they are now doing so at an accelerated rate. The result of the huge amounts of […]

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David Morgan about the Gold price: From consolidation to all-time highs

In his latest audio interview, David Morgan shares his vision about the Gold price, Silver price and mining shares. Mr Morgan is the editor of the respected Gold & Silver newsletter “The Morgan Report“. He appears on major precious metals events as a key guest speaker and he discusses regularly on TV his view on the Gold and Silver markets. He is for 40 years now in the Gold and Silver industry. The Gold price and Silver price are completing their consolidation process David Morgan explains that the current correction in the Gold price and Silver price is a sign of healthy behaviour. The run of both metals to all time highs in the […]

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John Embry: Gold To Spike As Physical Market Is Shockingly Tight

Today John Embry, who is Chief Investment Strategist of Sprott Asset Management, spoke with King World News about the shockingly tight physical gold market.  He also discussed Europe, the United States, stocks and silver.  Here is what he had to say:  “The US stock market has been levitating over 13,000 for a bit, and I was struck by an article in the NY Times which featured Jack Bogle, who started Vanguard Funds.  Jack said, ‘It’s urgent that people wake up because this is the worst time for investors that he’s ever seen, and he’s been in the business for more than 60 years.” John Embry continues: “When you put what he said […]

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