Silver Is The Most Precious Metal

The findings of two doctors will surprise almost everyone. In their recently released book on silver, entitled “The Most Precious Metal”, they introduce silver’s health applications as an antimicrobial in 90 pages. The book’s subtitle is “Why Silver is More Valuable than Gold, Platinum, or Money.” The book is authored by Dr. Gordon Pedersen, Medical Director of the Silver Health Institute, and co-authored by Dr. Bryan Frank. They are travel medicines and have lead or participated in international medical missions.

The authors come with astonishing medical results which they partly reveal in a free sample of their book (embedded below). The introduction of the book sets the tone, undoubtedly, and makes one think about the underexposed power of silver:

“The most precious metal during a crisis is silver, but not because of its role as a monetary metal. Silver is not the most precious metal because of global supply, its current ‘price’, or investor sentiment. It is not the most precious metal because of its role in photovoltaic solar panels or electronic circuits. It certainly isn’t the most precious metal because it makes for a nice set of earrings or tableware. There is nothing wrong with any of these uses of silver, but silver has a much higher purpose that clearly makes it the most important metal any person could own.

Silver is nature’s finest germ killer. Simply by being silver, this most precious metal’s elemental properties are toxic to pathogenic microorganisms while simultaneously being non-toxic to healthy cells and probiotic bacteria. Thanks to recent technological development, the newest forms of silver kill germs even more effectively than synthentic pharmaceutical drugs. They do this WITHOUT side effects.

The result is that silver improves lives. It can save your life or prevent significant hardship simply by eliminating pathogens in the right place at the right time.

Structured silver water is a new first line of defense from disease because it destroys the cause of most diseases: bacteria, viruses and fungi.

We commonly hear the expression that gold and silver have been used as money for 5,000 years. What is less discussed, however, is that silver has been used historically for its protective power. “Hundreds of years before scientists and doctors understood what microbes were and how they cause illness, the health benefits of silver were readily observable. Ancient Greeks used silver vessels for water purification, pioneers trekking westward used silver coins in their water and milk containers to prevent dysentry, colds and flu with Australian’s living in the outback suspended silverware in their water tanks to slow spoilage.”

The book explains that alkaline structured silver water is a liquid (drink) and a gel (topical) that only has 2 ingredients: pure silver and pure water. Apparently, it can do much more than any synthesized drug. The liquid version can be swallowed where it functions as an internal antimicrobial drink. The gel functions as an external topical disinfectant and promotes natural healing by modulating the immune system and destroying bacteria, viruses and yeast.

Structured alkaline silver can be taken everyday for prevention and will kill pathogens faster and more completely than acidic forms of silver. The acidic forms of silver can be taken short term and for short duration as needed but the alkaline form of silver is developed to be taken as needed and every day because it is pH balanced.

Structured silver water has the potential to destroy bacteria, fungi, mold, viruses. It can be used topically, internally, in every orifice of the body. It can enter a single red blood cell. It resonates at a frequency that destroys the cause of disease. It can kill bacteria on contact. It helps stimulate the activity of the stem cells. It helps improve wound healing. It can disinfect inside or outside the body. It will not destroy the good bacteria. It helps the immune system by taking the workload off of an already overworked immune system. It disinfects surfaces and people. It even kills the most difficult and potentially fatal infections like MRSA.

This implies that structured silver water should be your mandatory partner when traveling. It protects you against infections (think of salmonella from any type of food, from shaking hands and touching your eye, from using a public toilet, from turning a door knob in a public building, etc) and, when using public transport during your trip, structured silver water protects you when the person next to you coughs or sneezes.

The authors provide also practical tips on structured alkaline silver. For instance, it can be used daily (2 teaspoons twice a day in normal circumstances and 2 tablespoons twice a day in case of sickness) provided that the product is labeled as “structured silver.” It is recommended to avoid silver products that are pH balanced and the ones with potentially harmful chemicals like TEA.

The book “The Most Precious Metal” is available in print and ebook format at

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