Beginners’ Guide – The Basics About Gold & Silver

Are you like the biggest part of today’s society who believe that the only value of gold and silver lies in its usage as jewelry? Then you are making a very big mistake which will cost you a lot of money in the coming years. Start your discovery in the worlds of Gold & Silver right here on this page and you’ll find out what the real benefits from precious metals are. This information has been written especially for people like you, to enhance your understanding about the real threats of your wallet and savings. The answer to those threats, which is not told by media and general  public as they don’t know, is simple: own gold and silver. On this page, we explain exactly why that is the case and how to do it, while providing a lot of tips and insights.

What almost all people fail to understand is that the role of gold and silver as a form of money has been as important as jewelry. As a matter of fact, it’s arguable that the usage as a money is even more important as the precious metals have been money for more than 5,000 years. It’s only in the past four decades that governments decided to keep gold and silver out of the monetary system, just because of their own interest. The truth is that monetary systems that are backed by gold and silver require a lot of discipline. Here is the key to understanding today’s economic environment: discipline by the governments and financial world is exactly what has been missing and the single most important reason for today’s economic mess. There is a lot of evidence to proof that point and you can read about it in the +1,000 articles on this website.


Today’s world is characterized by economic bubbles that are inflated by distorted government policies. Economic bubbles are bursting after which a new ones is created. We are currently in the midst of a debt bubble that is global in scale. This debt bubble results in currencies being debased all over the world. It’s literally a race to the bottom, as all countries simultaneously are debasing their currencies. This has never happened before in human history and the situation is alarming, no matter if our political leaders appear in the media “in a relaxed way” when they announce they have “yet another plan ready” to solve the debt related problems. You MUST protect yourself in this environment, as the money you are holding is losing its value as you read these sentences. The one and only solution is to transform your money into the one and only real currency that cannot be debased: Gold and Silver.

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The previous articles showed that gold and silver are money. They have shown that precious metals are the most trusted protection in today’s incredibly dangerous economic environment. Once you have accepted that truth, which is by the way not told in the mainstream media and not known by main street public, then you can continue with the following readings. In the form of tips, they offer a lot of details on HOW EXACTLY to benefit from gold and silver, what to avoid and where you can find professional assistance.

Introduction: Now is the time to invest in gold and silver – 7 tips to increase your wealth

Tip 1: Gold and silver is for everyone – You too should own it

Tip 2: Be sure to have physical gold & silver

Tip 3: We are in stage 2 in the long term gold & silver bull market

Tip 4: Be prepared to see sudden price drops

Tip 5: Timing when buying is crucial

Tip 6: This is the century of silver

Tip 7: Gold & Silver stocks can have high yields


The previous articles made the fundamentals case for owning gold and silver. In the next postings, we focus on timing. When looking to the charts of the gold price or silver price in whatever currency, you could draw the conclusion that it’s too late to do a purchase. In fact, it’s not too late. The trend is clearly UP and will remain UP, as long as governments sustain their loose monetary policies and as long as currencies keep on being debased.

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Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve collected a couple of interesting infographics. They show in a simple visual way some key insights, accessible for everyone.

Is gold a bubble? Look at this Infographic for the answer.

Own physical Gold? This infographic explores Vaulted Gold as one of your options.

Infographic: all you need to know about Gold in the world