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Silver investment – A prospective way to come out of your debt problems

Although gold is frequently considered as the only expensive metal that can serve the function of money, silver too is gaining significance in the investment market. The commercial use of silver is increasing and with this, the value of silver is climbing fast too and even quicker than the cost of gold. Thus, if you’re […]

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David Morgan Talks all about Silver with Max Keiser

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David Morgan: Silver will knock repeatedly on $50/oz this year before breaking on through

David Morgan, publisher of The Morgan Report, a monthly newsletter that covers economic news, currency and precious metals, believes that silver will be persistent this year in trying to break through its resistance of $50 an ounce. A tightly held silver supply, continued sovereign debt concerns in Europe and a strong appetite for the white metal at the start of the year are factors that he says will make silver a leader in the commodity sector in 2012. HAI Managing Editor Drew Voros recently caught up with Morgan to discuss what’s in store for the silver market this year. Hard Assets Investor: Silver is starting out 2012 strongly. Is it […]

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