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Central banks spook the markets

Another day, another gold price slump – though bullion bulls were joined on the window ledge by equity investors, with stock markets all over the world falling sharply. The Dollar Index …

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Military coup in Mali raises concerns for gold producers

Gold production in Mali is being called into question following a military coup two weeks ago. African media are reporting that many foreigners are fleeing the country. In recent years Mali has …

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Gold price down on cautious talk from Fed

The minutes from the Federal Reserve’s March 13 meeting were released yesterday. Though they again emphasised the Fed’s intention to keep rates “at exceptionally low levels through …

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Silver price gains on bullish US manufacturing data

Encouraging new US manufacturing data helped industrial commodities move higher yesterday, and pushed the Dow Jones and SandP 500 to their highest closes since May 2008. The silver price was …

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Turkey aiming to become big gold producer

Turkey is one of the Eurasian countries with great expectations about increasing gold production. According to experts, Turkey has 23 million troy ounces of the yellow stuff waiting to be mined. The …

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Gold price is the reciprocal of faith in central banks

Up, down, and back up again: that about sums up the action in the gold and silver markets last week, though neither bulls nor bears were strong enough to move the gold price out of its trading …

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Savings, investment, and the Keynesian preference

| March 31, 2012 | Articles: Insights

Neo-classical economists underestimate the importance of the link between savings and investment. The two should be regarded as linked together: you need savings to be available for investment in new …

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Gold and silver prices holding above important support

Gold and silver are holding above important support levels, despite selling pressure yesterday. The gold price moved back above $1,660 this morning, after flirting with $1,650. The silver …

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Eurozone debt crisis far from over

Greece has slipped out of the news following the debt restructuring earlier this month, but The Wall Street Journal provides an update on the sorry state of the country. Despite losing more than …

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Bernanke lifts gold price again

Precious metal bulls have got used to being “saved” by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in recent years. Frequent spurts higher in the gold price often coincide with Bernanke …

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Bullish future for Mexican silver mining

In an interview with The Gold Report, the Canadian gold and silver analyst Mike Kachanovsky, a.k.a. ‘Mexico Mike’, stated that the precious metals bull market still has plenty of life left …

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Asia’s golden future

| March 24, 2012 | Articles: Insights

For most of the last century the default currency for international settlements has been the US dollar. This has given America ultimate power over international trade. In recent months, the US wielded …

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Chinese gold buyers here for the long haul

Another painful day for precious metal holders yesterday – with talk of slowing growth in China and Europe still hurting stocks and commodities. The gold price broke decisively below …

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Fed trapped between a rock and a hard place

The “China slowdown” meme dominated the economic news yesterday, leading to a sell-off in commodities and precious metals. The silver price in particular suffered – the metal …

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